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Directed by: Marta Jurkiewicz

Release date: September 2014

Premiere: during the Dutch Film Festival, 25th of September 2014

2nd prize Short Length at DocumentaMadrid (2015)




Listening heads rather than talking heads are featured in this experimental documentary about those moments in life we all share as well as those that make each life unique.  As the film journeys from one individual to the next, we spend time with boys and men ranging in age from 1 to 99 years old.  Each 'youngster' listens to his elder's reflections and advice on the years to come. Taken together, their stories illuminate life's lessons about the opportunities and pitfalls awaiting us all. 


Marta Jurkiewicz graduated from the Netherlands Film and Television Academy in 2011.  She received a Wildcard grant award for her graduation documentary ‘Daughters’ by the Netherlands Film Fund.  Her new movie 10 is funded by this award and will be released during the Netherlands Film Festival in 2014.