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Outsider Art

Directed and scenario by Jan Wouter van Reijen

53 minutes

Release: 2018

Premiere: 14th of April 2018.


An exciting portrait of seven ' outsider artists ', that offers a glimpse of their turbulent and

fascinating inner world.


Odd as they may seem, the artists in the documentary ' Outsider Art ' (2018) are not necessarily more remarkable than other artists or indeed ordinary people. Like everyone they have their fundamental obsessions and fears. Exclusively drawing birds, the colorful networks of metros and airplane flightpaths, or focusing entirely on dreams and nightmares, these artists apply amazing precision and attention. They immerse themselves in their subjects, or maybe it’s the subject in fact that enslaves them. The hours spent drawing or painting with supreme concentration seems to defuse the confusing world and allow some sense to be made out of it.


Director Jan Wouter van Reijen, also responsible for the camerawork and editing, demonstrates with Outsider Art how staggering the inner world of these outsiders feels and looks. He combines quiet impressions of the artists at work in institutions, studios and galleries with beautiful associative images, vivid music and sounds – sometimes rhythmically pulsating, then again, dissonant, insistent, and intentionally loud. At such moments, the movie is itself seized by it’s own intoxication and folly, the excitement of creation. Outsider Art brings imaginative outsiders, their work and their gaze, to life with the most appropriate means: the imagination.


Thus, insight is given into the making of art as a way not only to experience the world and be overwhelmed by it, but also to do something overwhelming in return. The occasional tempestuous soul as portrayed by Outsider Art, both surprising and quirky, creates a certain rustling in our own mind.



directed & scenario 

Jan Wouter van Reijen


Jan Wouter van Reijen

2nd camera
Frank van Reemst

Jan Wouter van Reijen & Erik Langhout

Jan Wouter van Reijen

Alex Booy / AGA AGA


Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis IISG
Galerie Hamer, Nico van der Endt 
Het Dolhuys
Outsider Art Museum

Karin Verboeket & Jan Wouter van Reijen

commissioning editors
Marijke Huijbregts & Jessica Raspe / AVROTROS Close Up

Frank van Reemst & Joost Verheij