Company profile

Frank van Reemst and Joost Verhey founded Doc.Eye Film in the beginning of 2007. Both have long and successful careers as documentary producers of respectively Stichting ZigZag and MM Filmprodukties with prize-winning documentaries. In a progressively competing market Frank and Joost decided to combine their skills in this new company to create more internationally orientated, challenging documentaries from unexpected personal perspectives. Films on the cutting edge of cultures with a special interest in themes related to social and cultural inequality.


Frank van Reemst – producer

Producer/director Frank van Reemst studied Film Sociology and FilmSemiotics at the University of Groningen. After graduation Frank worked for the Amsterdam City Journal where he researched, produced and co-wrote the scenario for ‘The Kick’ (directed by Gerrit van Elst) which in 1983 won the Goulden Calf award for best documentary. Establishing his own production company, the ZigZag foundation, he produced amongst others, ‘Hair, Spectacles, Shoes and Ash’ (1989) which he directed and wrote the

screenplay for, ‘Tales of a River’ by Peter and Petra Lataster (Golden Calf for Best Long Documentary, 1994), ‘Me and my Parents – My Parents and I’ by Gerrit van Elst (Best International Feature Documentary DOCNZ 2006, Golden Calf nomination 2005, Golden Picture Best Documentary TV 2005), ‘On the border’ by Peter Delpeut (2005) and the experimental documentary videoblog


Frank took part in the Vertical Strategies Training Program (marketing and promotion European films) and is President of the Shadow Foundation (Shadow Festival Amsterdam & Shadowdoc master classes). Together with Pieter Fleury, he is the owner/founder of Acht en de Vlieg Film Productions.

Joost Verhey – producer

Producer/director Joost Verhey studied cultural anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. In 1984, he set up the foundation MM film productions, producing and directing sever

 al documentaries. A few examples are ‘Lomax the Songhunter‘ by Rogier Kappers (e.g. Golden Calf Best Long Documentary 2005, CINE applied Eagle Award 2006, nomination Emmy Award 2007), ‘The Silence’ (2005) by Kim Landstra, ‘In my Father’s House’ by Fatima Jebli Ouazzani (e.g. Hot Docs Award Best International Documentary 1998, Golden Calf Best Long Documentary 1998), ‘Rouch’s Gang’ (1993) about the French anthropologist Jean Rouch and ‘Miss Interpreted’ (1997) about the South-African artist Marlene Dumas.

In 1989 Joost attended the directors workshop led that year by Johan van der Keuken during the international Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA). In 1990 he studied under the guidance of Frans Swartjes at the ‘Vrije Academie’ in The Hague and in 2000 he completed a one-year post-graduate Company Management Training program for Producers at the Maurits Binger Film Institute in Amsterdam. He was also participant at the Film Business School in Lübeck, Germany (2002) and the Film Marketing workshop of Strategies in Luxembourg (2004). In addition to this he has appeared as guest lecturer at the Mira Media Academy, the art academy in Arnhem and at the University of Amsterdam.


Rik Binnendijk – production assistent

Rik Binnendijk studied History at Utrecht University. After internships and studies in Turkey and Bosnia Herzegovina, Rik landed at Doc.Eye film. He started as a researcher for a historical documentary, and since August 2018 he also works as production assistant. Next to a film enthusiast – especially for films from Southeastern Europe – Rik is also passionate about music. He writes about Turkish and Greek music and plays drums in a Greek band. His ambition is to combine his love for history and music in making documentaries.