The Waste Land

The Waste Land Chris Teerink's film The Waste Land will be in Dutch cinema's from April fourth.     "THE WASTE LAND" is a film that delves deeply into the complex tapestry of the famous poem by T.S. Eliot. Written in a time of crisis and uncertainty, The Waste Land resonates with the challenges of our own era, such as ... Read More

Foute Vrienden

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch. Na de veelgeprezen documentaire Foute Vrienden bleef regisseur Roy Dames de Amsterdamse bloedgabbers Verbrande Herman, Rooie Jos en Jantje van Amsterdam volgen. In de driedelige serie 25 jaar Foute Vrienden zien we in niet eerder vertoonde beelden hoe het deze vrije jongens is vergaan. Op leeftijd en getekend door het leven blikken … Read More

Punt Uit – Schluss Aus – Full Stop

Punt Uit – Schluss Aus – Full Stop Documentaire, scenario & director: Rosemarie Blank Première: March 7th 2020 Website film: A sensitive, intimate and intriguing glimpse into one of the most profound moments in someone's life. Want to depart and leave life because the pain of life dispels the joy of living. With that dilemma, with that struggle, but also ... Read More

Allen Tegen Allen

Documentaire, scenario & regie: Luuk Bouwman Premiered on: November 21st 2019 Coproduced by EOdocs Coproductie met EOdocs What is a fascist? Was fascism a one-off historical phenomenon or is it something of all times, a certain mentality? All Against All investigates this question on the basis of pre-war fascism in the Netherlands. Holland, usually associated with liberalism and tolerance – ... Read More

Outsider Art

Outsider Art Tv documentary (2018), scenario & directed by: Jan-Wouter van Reijen Coproduction with AVROTROS (Close up) broadcasting: 2019    

The Train journey

The Train journey Tv documentary (2018), scenario & directed by: Willy Lindwer Coproduction with BNNVARA, The Train Journey tells the unusual and unbenounced story of five train journeys made by 89 Hungarian Jews and their Dutch families from occupied Holland to as yet unoccupied Budapest. After the Nazi invasion of Hungary in 1944, most of these Jews escaped deportation thanks in part ... Read More

Flat Earth

Documentary (2014), directed by Monique Verhoeckx FLAT EARTH is an experimental film drama by Monique Verhoeckx dealing with the war experiences of her father and her young deceased grandfather. Both are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. The film is an attempt by the filmmaker to connect with the impenetrable world of her granddad and her father. The memories and associations ... Read More

The League Against Swearing

The League Against Swearing (2015), directed by Luuk Bouwman The League Against Swearing is a Dutch organization that has existed for nearly a hundred years. Its Protestant founders wanted to warn the Dutch people about the dangers of blasphemy. With funding for the organization on the decrease, the new director and PR-man of the League think up a new strategy ... Read More

Rebellious City

Rebellious City Directed by: Willy Lindwer Release date: February 2015 Premiere: 2 February 2015 Rebellious City shows how a small group of young people in the Amsterdam of the Sixties provoked authority with anarchist élan and happenings, drove the police and mayor to despair, gave young people their own voice and changed the Netherlands forever. Unintentionally, Provo became the ... Read More


10 Directed by: Marta Jurkiewicz Release date: September 2014 Premiere: during the Dutch Film Festival, 25th of September 2014 2nd prize Short Length at DocumentaMadrid (2015) Listening heads rather than talking heads are featured in this experimental documentary about those moments in life we all share as well as those that make each life unique.  As the film journeys from one individual to the ... Read More